the 10 most common mistakes in online presentations

Online presentations have made work life so much easier for your business to be seen and heard but if you fail to deliver a comprehensive, eye-catching and attractive piece you could be setting yourself and your business up to flop without even realising it. If you avoid these 10 common mistakes you will be producing a well-presented slide deck that should bring you results.

1. Lack of Preparation

When it comes to preparing your presentation you can’t put a time limit on it. You will want to plan the information you want and need, the statistics that need to be showcased, the key areas of your business and what you can offer your potential client. What you don’t want to do is take every piece of information, put it haphazardly into a slide and hope for the best. Too much information can become muddled, confusing and worst of all boring to the reader.

I would recommend taking a couple of hours to make notes, edit, remove unwanted content, big up the areas that you want highlighting and laying it out in the order you think will work in the presentation. Once completed, you can begin to set this out in your chosen template on the website. Then take your time to get the finished product perfect.


2. Using Inappropriate Content

Following on from my point above you don’t want content that has no relevance to your message. When planning, you need to think about who your target audience is, what you want them to get from your presentation and what your key points are. They don’t need to know your personal history of how you came through many of life’s struggles to set up your business… this isn’t the X-Factor! They need facts, figures, services and reasons as to why they should be using you.


3. Overcrowded Text

Once you have your text perfected, you want to display it in an easy to read manner within your slides. Too much text can look heavy and may have your audience scan reading instead of taking in the important facts. Don’t be afraid to divide up bulky areas into several slides and removing unnecessary words or sentences.


4. Overuse of Bullet Points

Bullet points do have their place so don’t think that you can’t use them whatsoever. However, they have been far over used in the past within Powerpoint presentations and we now have much more interesting options available at our fingertips to highlight key points, for example, with the use of transitions and animation.

Use bullet points sporadically and when listing services, fees, important facts and so on.


5. A Poor Design Template

When selecting a template you need to take into consideration how this will look for your business. Does it send the right message? Does it look professional enough? Do the colours clash with your logo? Is it pleasing to the eye?

What you like and what works best for your company may be two different things. You may even need to try a few before you set your final decision, again this comes down to taking the time to plan and prepare.


6. Using Poor Images

There is no point in coming up with the best content, the best template and layout just to ruin it all with poor imagery. With Presbee you have the choice of millions online stock images so if your own photography isn’t up to scratch there is no excuse to have blurry or pixelated photos on your presentation.

If you want to use your own of your business then do make sure these are professional images that will stand out on the screen and show your company in the best light.


7. The Wrong Fonts

We all love a pretty font, don’t we? But have you ever stopped to look and wonder how another person may find this to read? They may seem dull but your basic Arial, Garamond and Calibri are your friends. Size is also very important… when it comes to a font of course. You should be looking at 32-40 for headers and 24-32 for the body of the text. For more on fonts, we have this fantastic article here.


8. Poor Use of Colour

Have you ever stopped to learn what colours mean in business? We have and we have outlined it all in this post. Don’t make the mistake of having your key points coming across as angry or have mixed messages by using an array of colour. If you are unsure of what looks good you can never go wrong with black in business matters.


9. Too Many Complicated Graphs

If you have data that needs to be included then use your most vital statistics in the most easy to read graph or chart available to you. Not everyone reading your online presentation will have the eye for numbers the way that you may do so you need to consider how these will come across. You also don’t need to go data overboard this could have a potential client switching off. Your numbers should back up your content and enhance what you have to offer.


10. Animation Overuse

Animation is a great tool… if used appropriately. It is a fun way to get a message across and can make a heavy slide deck feel lighter and easier to view BUT do not overuse it just because it is fun. You want to remain professional and not look as though you are completing a year seven project.


Now you have your 10 common mistakes you should be able to create a great online presentation that will benefit your business no end.

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made in Online Presentations

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