Modern Salesman

You may have the knowledge, you may even have a tip top speech and sales presentation but do you have the ability needed to be classed as a top sales person?

Here are my top tips for demonstrating great selling skills:

  1. Getting you name out there

The first step to making it as a sales person is by making yourself and your business known. You need to be visual online, you need to make a striking impression and you need to have dedication especially if you are just starting out.


  1. Appointment Making

Having an organised schedule and planning your days is vital in business. You need to be knowing where you are going, who you are seeing and plan your pitch before stepping through their door.


  1. Building a Rapport

This is how you will go from one sale to many sales. If you make a good connection with your client/customer you will be setting yourself up for further future deals too. Be polite, be consistent in your work, offer your best deal and always get your brilliant personality across.


  1. Listening

Listen to your client. Ensure you understand all of their needs and, most importantly, that you can meet these. 


  1. Questioning

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This also ties in with listening. To show that you are taking in what your client needs you will need to respond to them by using questions do delve a little deeper. Also encourage them to ask you any questions in return.


  1. Product Knowledge

Knowing your products or business inside out is a key factor in becoming a great sales person. When you walk into a shop and ask a question you expect that member of staff to know the answer and you want them to be able to inform you of extra features, why it will benefit you and what makes it better than any other competitors. The same applies to your own business. Product knowledge shows that you have confidence in what you are offering and that you are the best to purchase from.


  1. Up-selling

To be able to take one item and either add to this or upgrade it to the next model up proves that you are indeed a very good sales person. Selling more items to one customer is much easier than going out to find more customers to sell to. Make the most of those coming through your door or to your website. 


  1. Presenting

It is one thing to be able to shout out about yourself and your business online but it is quite another to be able to do it stood in front of an audience. There are some fantastic online tools that can help you to provide a professional and hard-hitting presentation but you cannot rely completely on this. You need to be able to show knowledge, confidence and also be approachable. 


  1. Seal the Deal

Don’t ever leave a sale open, you need to close, close, close! This means delivering your sales patter until the end. Don’t leave a customer open to changing their minds and walking away. Reiterate why they need your service or product, continue to discuss those key points and if it seems as though you may be losing them you can always choose to offer them an introductory discount.


  1. Follow Up

Once you have provided a service/product it is always courteous to follow up with an email to check that they are happy. You could offer subscriptions for email alerts on your service and include loyalty discounts. A happy customer will always return. 

10 Skills of a Top Sales Person

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