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When you have a business you immediately put a price on everything. How much will that advert cost? How much will I have to spend on marketing? How does that compare to another price?

We often forget that the internet opens up a whole world of free online tools which are there to benefit your company and if you use them regularly and appropriately you could be making huge changes to your wallet. Here I have collected 21 of the most useful free online marketing tools:

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all free platforms where you can easily market your business. Many people use these to find information, advice, tips and services so you need to ensure that you are there to respond to anyone who comes to your account. Download the apps to your phone to enable you to be accessible on the go. 

YouTube is a growing platform for business. You can create videos of yourself discussing what you have to offer, demonstrations of your products or services and also link these to your other social media sites or in a blog post. Videos help your client/customer to build a rapport with you before even meeting you because you will be showing your personality and a face behind the name.



Buffer allows you to link your social media to your profile and enable you to schedule posts, updates, blogs etc. You can plan these days in advance which will leave you free to get on with other areas of your work knowing that your social media platforms are already being managed.



Do not underestimate the power of a free blogging site. By showing your clients that you know your business inside out by providing concise information in a blog post will help to gain their confidence in you. It will also help with your visibility across the internet. These can also be shared across your social network platforms and can, of course, be scheduled via buffer… it all links in!



Build, automate, and accelerate your sales process with HubSpot Sales. An all-in-one sales platform for teams of all sizes. You can build a sequence of personalised follow-up emails which can be delivered automatically, create email templates, receive notifications once a client opens your email, eliminate manual entries into your emails and have full use of HubSpot’s CRM to track deals.


Readability Test Tool

Simply enter your URL into the readability test tool site and it will generate a score for your content. You can use this to improve your work, make relevant changes and learn for future pieces.



Don’t lose potential clients/customers due to poor writing or grammar. Grammarly is a fantastic online tool which, once installed, will automatically highlight when there is a spelling mistake or grammatical errors. This will also show up on social media platforms which means you can have consistent content across the board!


Free Design Sites

 PicMonkey and Befunky are two great examples of online sites which enable you to create your own designs. Whether you need an infographic, a facebook header, a blogging image, a logo, an advert and so on, all of these sites can provide you with the free tools to achieve these. You do not have to be a design whizz to get this right either. They provide templates, images, design elements and borders.


Website Grader

This site will offer you an overall result on the effectiveness of your website. Just pop you URL into Website Grader’s site and let it do all the work for you. You will receive a breakdown of your site in four categories- performance, mobile, SEO and security. These are then broken down further to provide valid feedback and tips for improving.


Content Idea Generator

If you struggle with blogging/content ideas for your website you can get a free kickstart with content idea generator. With so much going on in business it can be hard to set focus on what it is you want to say. Just add your keywords into the online generator and you will receive ideas for your next post.


Google Analytics

Google analytics gives you every valid statistic of the activity happening on your website. You can see who is active, how often people have visited, the demographics of those visitors and real-time users.


Presbee Presentations

Online presentations are an opportunity not to be missed out on. To have the tools to be able to showcase your business and having them available for public viewing is going to work in your favour. Presbee also allows you to log on and view statistics on how your presentation has performed in terms of how often it has been viewed, when people are looking at it and discover which presentations are most successful.


Hemingway Editor 

Hemingway editor allows you to perfect your writing from any profile. You simply copy and paste your sentence into the free app and wait for your feedback. It will score the readability of your content and provide you with alternative words, shorter sentence options and correct grammar.



Likealyzer provides you with valid feedback on your facebook page. It can provide insight into how you posts are working, how your timing of these are, your dialogue length and content plus provides tips for actions on improvement.


Simply Measured

Simply measured will provide you with detailed reports across platforms. These include: Twitter Follower Report, Twitter Customer Service Analysis, Facebook Fan Page Report, Facebook Content Analysis, Facebook Competitive Analysis, Facebook Insights Report, Instagram User Report, Social Traffic Report, Traffic Source Report, Google+ Page Report and Vine Analysis.



Moz is a great free tool for checking your domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). Here you can also check how many links you are getting and from which source. It is a great tool for checking your competition too! You can also upgrade on this site to help with your SEO. It is important to get your SEO or search engine optimisation spot on because this is how somebody will stumble across your website when they are looking for answers on Google.



With crowdfire you can gain insights into twitter regarding followers and unfollowers as well as allowing you to set up automated messages. 



Tweriod gives you the details of when is the best time for you to be tweeting by analysing your follower’s tweets as well as your own. This will allow you to set your tweets by Buffer at the times of day that will be most beneficial to your company.



Hotjar can show you exactly what your visitors are doing, via heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps, and visitor recordings. Hotjar also has options to analyse your conversion funnel and to insert messages and surveys to your visitors.



Quickspout is an easy way to learn what is happening on your website and when. It will help you grow your traffic by providing you with alerts from Google Analytics to inform you of important activity and giving tips for improvement.



Sharedcount will allow you to view how your content has been shared across the internet. You can easily copy and paste your website or URL into the search box and are quickly supplied with a report. is a simple appointment scheduler that synchronises with your Google/iCal/Outlook calendar so that your customers can see when you’re available and book a meeting. Once they schedule, it is automatically added to your calendar, so you don’t have to do anything!


So there we have it, 21 free tools there at your disposal. Do you have any to add?

21 Free Marketing Tools You Need to be Using

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