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Delivering a perfectly polished presentation may tick a lot of boxes in your book but are you still missing out on those all important sales? You may have made your slides look attractive, included all your key points and covered what you believe is the information your audience need to hear but you may be missing some very basic tricks. Here are my five top tips to help improve your sales presentation:

1. What You Want To Hear Or What They Need To Hear
It is very easy to provide every detail of your company and the services that you provide but what you may not have considered is who you are delivering the presentation to. Each time you deliver this it is to a brand new audience and those potential clients may have differing needs from you. By tailoring each slide slightly to adapt to what that certain audience needs to hear you will be increasing your chances of closing those important deals.


2. Remember To Pause
You may be a little nervous or you may be very aware of your time scale but you must ensure that you don’t let your words run away with you. Do not rush through your talk. Remember to occasionally pause for a breath and keep looking up into the audience to make absolutely sure they are still glued to you. If you feel as though you may be losing your way fill the gap by asking the audience questions or encourage them to ask you something.


3. Encourage Interaction
This point follows on from the previous one but it is an important skill to be able to deliver. Imagine that you are on a stage and you are performing to this audience, not just talking aimlessly at them. Break up your speech with a joke, with relatable discussion and encourage plenty of questions.


4. Don’t Be Too Modest
You are there to build a confidence in your company and what you have to offer. Now is not the time to be shying away from your skills, what you do, how well you do it etc. This doesn’t mean that you have to stand there blowing your own trumpet but you do need to think about how your company will be perceived by the end of your presentation. Keep your points snappy and fact-filled so not to come across as boasting. They need to know that you are reliable, you can deliver on what you are proposing, that your sales information is correct and up to date and is also promising and that you are the best choice for their business.


5. Close Sales
Your performance does not end when the presentation does. This will now be your opportunity to speak to those people who have shown a lot of interest or who have asked questions. Take time to seek those individuals out and follow up on their comments. This is now your time to make sales whilst the information is fresh in their minds and whilst you are in front of them.

Your pitching technique is vital when trying to seal a deal so do also practise until you have it nailed prior to standing up in front of a room full of people. Planning, preparation and practising are your 3 p’s to be remembered.

Good luck!

5 Focus Areas For Your Sales Presentation

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