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A presentation that pulls an audience in and captures their attention can be a very powerful tool but if not set-up visually correct it can end up having a negative impact on those listening. It may seem a simple task to pull together all your relevant information but how can you make this more appealing?
With Presbee you don’t need to be an expert designer and their simple, easy to use online tools will help you create great effects every time and with my six top tips I can help to ensure you get your slide deck presentation spot on every time:

Plan and Outline Your Presentation

It is so easy to put down everything you know and think that you should be saying into your slide deck but you need to plan efficiently so you don’t end up overloading your audience. Before you even begin to create your masterpiece you need to plan, brainstorm and collect your ideas in one place. Now break these down into digestible chunks by keeping the vital points and ditching the waffle. Your main aim is to get your message across clearly and concisely, to provide structure to your talk and have your audience eager to listen to more.
Your slide deck’s purpose is to provide an enhancement to your own voice in order to capture the attention of your audience.


Keep Your Text Central

It is important to bear in mind how your presentation will look once it is up and running. If you put text too close to the bottom of the screen somebody in the audience may miss this due to an obstruction (usually a head of the person sat in front) in their view. Too close to the sides may result in some text being lost off the screen. Keep the text as central as possible and use a consistent layout.


Use Readable Fonts and Sizes

Fonts need to be clear and in a size that everybody in the room will be able to focus on. Remember that not everyone will have good eyesight and you don’t want any of your points to be missed. Even though stylised fonts can look very pretty they can also be difficult to read when up on screen. The ones that may seem a little boring are often the ones which are easier to focus on and read. Keep your fonts consistent throughout.


Break Up Bullet Points

It is very easy to feel the need to bullet point your way through your slide decks but this can leave your presentation, on the whole, looking bulky and dull. Ensure your key points are included in each slide but you as the speaker should be giving the vital additional information. Your slide deck is not to be used as your own personal notes. If the audience has too much to read they will be spending more time on this and less time on actually listening to you.


Add Those Special Extras

Presbee offers live streaming of videos and audio for inclusion within your slide deck. Using these tools available can really make your presentation stand out and help capture your audience’s attention. You may want to consider placing a video part way through to help break up your text. You may also want to include some low background music to create an atmosphere during your talk. They also offer millions of online images which can be used as a backdrop for your text.


Use a Transition

A transition refers to the way in which something enters of exits a stage. Presbee’s features will allow you to drop your text in from a variety of angles to help emphasise your point in certain areas during your presentation. For example, you could make your text appear letter by letter from the top of the screen. It is important to only use this during the points which need to be further highlighted and not throughout as your slide deck may end up becoming dull and repetitive.


And one more thing… To make an impact always leave a lasting impression and ensure you are remembered for your great points during your presentation.

6 Useful Ways to Improve Your Slide Deck

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