7 ways to leverage your sales presentation

Creating an online sales presentation is one of the most productive ways of providing information and marketing your business. Whether you are offering a service or providing products, a presentation can work for you and there is more than one way that you can use this to reach a wider target audience. Here I cover how one presentation can benefit your company in a multitude of ways:

  1. Event Hosting

Most people will create their presentation as a visual aid to back up their speech at an organised event. Public speaking is a great way to show the person/people behind the company. It will be a chance for you to show off your personality and build a rapport with potential clients. Presentations don’t have to be dull and you can add a little bit of the ‘wow factor’ by including animation, video and audio. However, do not use your slide deck as your personal notes and ensure that you practice your speech until it is finely polished. Allow time for questions throughout and make time to mingle with your audience once all the speeches are over. This is the time to make those important connections and distribute your business cards.

For more tips on holding an event you can pop over to this post and for public speaking, you can refer to this post.


  1. Online Access

If you make your presentation with a site such asĀ Presbee, you can automatically select for it to be seen publicly across their network. You can be very selective about who can view it and when, or you can allow others to collaborate on your work. Best of all, Presbee will provide feedback in the form of vital statistics on how your presentation is performing, from how often it is viewed, by who and when. This will give you the insight you will need to make amendments where needed, learn who your target market may be and where they are located.


  1. Transcribe into a blog post

If you have a website which includes a blog section it would be worthwhile taking the information within your presentation and applying it to an article. You could break this up into a mini series, provide an article with a sneak peek of your presentation or even upload a video of your event. Blog posting is also one of the most heavily weighted on-page SEO ranking factors, so the more content you can add to your blog, and distribute through your social media channels, the better your ranking potential.


  1. Social Media

Your presentation could be shared as it is or as I have stated above (as a blog post) across social media. As a business, it is highly beneficial to be found on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and even YouTube. You could entice people over to your website by just creating posts with a few key points which will give them just enough information to want to learn more. Giving away a few trade secrets or stats can really benefit your business. Ensure that you link all of these social media sites to one another and back to your website for unity and for SEO purposes.


  1. Linkedin

Linkedin is a gateway for potential clients to discover you and your website. Not only can you include valuable information about your services/product you can also link blogs, videos and relevant articles to your business. If you haven’t already set up an account you can still do this and post your past and present presentations.


  1. Newsletter

Including your current presentation details and having these available in the form of a weekly/monthly newsletter will not only reach more people but can also be a very simple way of sending the information out. By creating a subscription box on your website or blog you can encourage users to sign up to receive your email which will be jam-packed with your top information, blog posts, upcoming events, promotions and services.


  1. Website

Include your sales presentation on your website. If you have a video of your event why not show this in the sidebar of your site? Make your blog section clear and easy to find. Perhaps include a link to your presentation within your menu or include your information within your about page?


Whichever way you choose to leverage your sales presentation always remember to shout about your successes across the rooftops. We can very often be far too modest when it comes to our personal business because it feels just that, personal but your clients and followers want to hear how your company is doing and enjoy celebrating your achievements. Showcase yourself and what you can offer within your online presentation and make a great lasting impression across the board.

7 Ways to Leverage Your Sales Presentation

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