Best presentation tool

The best presentation tool is really just about finding the best tool that’s right for your needs in this blog we are going to look at a number of different options available to you via the Internet.

At Presbee we are obviously biased, we built Presbee from the ground up to deliver the tools that both content writers and designers need to make a seriously impactful presentation. So in our opinion the best presentation tool is Presbee and it is certainly the best online presentation tool.

Why is it the best online presentation tool, well in our opinion Presbee is the most powerful in terms of features, and it is also designed specifically to be particularly easy to use. There is no need for training and most people with experience using Internet tools will have no problem using Presbee.

Presbee is particularly useful to designers as it has a number of features that are specifically dedicated to their needs. From granular control of objects, image filtering, hundreds of transitions, large library of fonts and the ability to upload your own fonts. Further Presbee allows you to search millions of images and videos that are royalty free and can be imported directly into your presentation. This makes it much faster process and delivers much more rewarding results. This is just some of the reasons why we believe Presbee is the best online presentation tool.

Another reason why we believe Presbee best online presentation tool is it has a number security benefits. One of the problems with using PowerPoint is that you cannot control the ownership of the content after you’ve sent it to somebody. With Presbee there is only one copy of a presentation and it is served over the Internet to the viewer’s browser. This makes it much harder to copy the intellectual property or content of the presentation. You can prevent people you have previously invited to view a presentation from seeing it in the furture by simply revoking their access to it – these powerful features mean that Presbee is the is also the best online presentation tool from a security point of view.

With Presbee you can also voice directly onto a slide, this allows you more control over a presentation once it’s actually left your hands. This is a simple process that can be done against a timeline so that you can match your voice to all of the key transitions on the slide. This is a unique feature and a powerful one that further enhances Presbee’s reputation as the best online presentation tool.

Another reason that Presbee could be deemed the best online presentation tool is its unique animation timeline. This allows you to building both preset and custom animations to your slides. This provides a granular level of control that is not achievable in any other tool.

But surely to be the best presentation tool you would have to include charts right? As many types of charts including bar charts: charts line charts area charts pie charts candlestick charts to name a few.

Full-screen video backgrounds and partial video backgrounds are another really powerful feature to help make your point. Presbee enables you to use a small video to imply motion. This is particularly useful to video and television companies who despite working in a video medium tend to only use flat presentations. This powerful video feature would allow television companies to present whilst grounding the content in the medium and the context to which they work. So if your television company we would suggest that Presbee is the best presentation tool available.

Another feature is Presbee’s ability to allow you to develop and design your slides in an outline view. This means you can quickly compose the outline structure of your presentation and the slides content in a linear order this seriously helps cut down thinking time and ultimately delivers a more focused set of slides.

Presbee’s outline builder also will suggest images automatically and allows you to quickly develop a debt broadly in the context of how you would like designed. So from a speed point of view Presbee is the best online presentation tool.

Presbee also contains the ability to search your entire slide library and that of your team. This simple sounding but important feature increases the asset value of your historical work. You no longer have to search through all hard drives trying to find a presentation he wrote. Presbee will allow you to type in a keyword and it will search all the presentations you’ve ever done and shade the slides containing keyword. You simply drag the require slide onto the deck and off you go this again is a serious benefit to presentation writers cut down time spent on repetitive tasks making Presbee best tool.

Imagine being able to not only see how many times somebody has viewed your presentation you have sent them remotely but also to be able to find out which life they spent time and when they viewed. This is powerful not only from the sales point of view but also from a management point of view as one can help steer sales reps to ensure their delivering the right message therefore think Presbee is the best tool sales reps.