Interactive Presentation Tools

When it comes to planning a corporate presentation for your colleagues, business partners or clients, it can be an extremely daunting experience. The pressure mostly lies within presenting and publicly speaking to a group of people, but you may also be experiencing a niggling fear of creating a well-intentioned presentation. When you need interactive presentation tools to support you with putting together your presentation slides, you can expect the support of our intricate, detailed and expert presentation tool, Presbee.

What is Presbee?
Over the years, we have been working extremely hard to support presenters who regularly create and present to groups of people. Our innovative online presentation tool allows its user to form the highest quality of presentation, without any restriction that you encounter from PowerPoint or other similar, simple presentation programmes. With more freedom for design, imagery, animation, audio, video, live web-links and data management, you can create a much more enticing presentation to support you during your performance and keep the attention of your audience.

Create eye catching backdrops
With the assistance of Presbee, you will have access to millions of royalty free images; meaning that you can find the perfect image to suit. Even if you already have the perfect background image for your presentation, then just upload it to our tool and utilise our editing capabilities. With our photo editing software, you can transform your image using almost limitless filters and editing functions. You can make the image darker, brighter, more transparent or even use the sepia function to give it an archaic appearance.

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