Making online presentations

Making online presentations is now much easier to do than it was in the past. There are a number of online presentation makers out there to help you make a presentation and of course is just one of them. Others include prezi, emaze and canva to name just three.

In order to make a decent online presentation you have to decide whether you are happy to use an existing template or whether you want to use one of your own design or build one from scratch.

Most online presentation tools provide a number of design templates for presentations to work with, and some even allow you to utilise existing public presentations as the starting point for your own work. has a comprehensive range of presentation design templates to choose from to help you get started. Alternatively, you can use one of the many public presentations provided by our users as the base starting point for your presentation

In order to deliver the most effective online presentation it is worth creating a plan or an outline of what you intend to achieve with your presentation.

One thing that is worth stressing here is that you are trying to get your point across to the end user then the focus of the presentation should really be on what is the key piece of information you need relay. It is very common for people to have very verbose slides that neither work as a piece of communication or as readable content. Increasingly recently people’s concentration spans have become shorter and it is unrealistic to expect your audience to sit through a very long slide presentation bombarding them with details that they can’t possibly retain in the heads.

Online slide presentations or presentations in general should be used as visual aids to the point you are trying to get across. This approach should help you in two ways: First, it should help de-clutter your slides, assuming that you know your stuff and you are in the room to deliver the main piece of content yourself. Second it will help focus your mind on the task at hand and allow you to be more objective about the content that you put into your slide presentation.