Online Video Conferencing

Do you want to know how you can create and hold an online video conference? Here at Presbee, we are most recognised for our presentation creation online tool; but with our expertise, you can also benefit from our online video conferencing capabilities. Using Presbee, you can be assisted by not only the best presentation but a formulation of online content between other users who are not in the same room as you.

Presbee Remote Meeting utilises a new browser to browser technology which allows the conference leader or speaker to share their content, online with everyone else. Not only can you as the conference leader show you content, but you can all communicate audibly with your remote participants. Without the need to book a dedicated meeting room, you can all meet at a time and location to suit you. How do you get people invited and involved with your conference? By emailing them. The participant will receive the information they require through email saying the time and the link of the virtual meeting room.

As well as our ability to improve your company’s meeting process, we can also help you if you need to create your own PowerPoint Presentation.

Find out more about how you can benefit from online video conferencing by browsing through our website.

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