Online Web Conferencing

Are you looking for a useful online software which can help you in terms of creating or operating a successful online web conferencing? Here at Presbee, it has been our aim since we first began to offer our clients quality presentation tools, which can be utilised for numerous corporate presentations and conferences. We all know that common difficulty in the workplace when arranging a time for everyone to be at a specific point for your meeting or conference. For effortless online web conferencing, you can use our services here at Presbee, where you can all hold a virtual conference on your computer or tablets.

Remote meetings are very useful in the fact that they can be completed anywhere across the world, allowing you and your team to speak at times to best suit. As well as it being useful to busy workers, it’s also good for those people who get nervous in meetings. Because you can complete the meeting from anywhere, it does allow you to relax slightly say if you’re sitting in on the conference in your home. Our Presbee Remote Meeting uses new browser to browser technology, which allows you to share your Presbee and screen content with your other users. This supports you in terms of explaining certain aspects of the meeting with the combination of audio and your screen share with participants.

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