Powerpoint Presentation Website

Are you looking for a website which allows you to create innovative, personal and creative presentations? Many people are used to using various other programs to put together a presentation; whether it’s for corporate or educational purposes. Here at Presbee, we are much like a Powerpoint presentation website – due to the fact that we allow you to create websites to suit your purpose, but with much more advanced presentation construction options.

Presbee is a new and innovative online presentation tool, which allows you to create the highest quality of presentations online, in your own time. The main reason we created Presbee is simply because we wanted more from presentations. For years we have been using Microsoft Powerpoint to put together certain presentations; but we feel that by using our new tool, you’ll have a far greater freedom for designs, imagery, audio, video, live web-links and data management. We also give you the opportunity for online publishing and viewer management, viewer analytics, online collaboration, gallery views and keyword search functions.

In any presentation, it’s important to ensure that the display of each slide is attention grabbing – information is undoubtedly key, but that can be conveyed by your own speech. With our range of tools, you can choose the best images, best fonts, best colour schemes and best designs to ensure people are paying attention and focusing solely on you and your website.

When you require help with presentations, look no further than Presbee.

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