How to record audio onto slide

Using it is extremely easy to record audio onto slide. To do this simply click on the speaker icon on the right hand side of the slide and then the animation timeline would appear.

From here you can click on the record button and this will stop recording your voice against the timing of various transitions that appear in the slide this allows you to get your voice in perfect sync with the various events that appear within your slide presentation.

Before committing it to the slide you can playback your recording to make sure you are happy with and then click the upload button which will add the recording directly onto your slide and also into your list of audio recordings under the audio tab on the left-hand side page.

When the presentation is viewed in the player this audio will play automatically when the slide appears.

Alternatively you can upload audio and places onto the slide directly by dragging it onto the stage. In doing this you can then decide whether you wanted to play automatically when the slide appears by checking the play automatically check box or play manually when it appears on the screen yourself by clicking the play button.