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What is the Cloud?

‘In basic terms, the cloud is a type of computing software made available to you and your business via the internet. It is a place to store, share and work on documents within a network – up on a ‘cloud’. It can be accessed at any time and by anyone who has permission to use your cloud network. It is a secure, efficient and beneficial to companies.’

Cloud computing has created a technology revolution for small businesses. It offers access to a range of capabilities which would previously typically only be affordable for larger companies. Yet now the internet provides this service for everybody to tap into and at prices which can be paid for monthly rather than up-front. Your business can join the Cloud to access everything from data backup, search engines, your business documents and customer relationship management systems. You can opt to work privately or publicly and set-up services which will work the best for you, your company and your budget.


How can the cloud benefit your company?

Cloud-based programs can be used at any time on almost any device with an internet connection. Using the cloud software will mean that your teams in different locations can collaborate on documents you are working on without needing to e-mail over any attachments. Just complete a simple sign-up and you can link all of your offices/franchises meaning everybody can be kept in the loop. You can even instant message and hold web conferences, share calendars and task lists. With improved sharing, your business can react to your customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. This will, in turn, lead to further growth of your company and sales. For example, if a customer contacts you about a contract and you are away from your desk, you will be able to retrieve files easily as long as you have a device to hand and internet connection meaning you can continue your service to your customer and meet their needs at that very moment.

You can also choose to use a cloud-based service to provide backup in case of any emergencies. This means that if anything was to happen to your computer/laptop/tablet, all of your data and documents will be safely secured and protected for you. The reliability of the cloud is of further benefit to you because experienced IT staff are always on hand to resolve any technical issues which may arise. Rather than spending money to maintain hardware that can often go unused, subscribing to software and services for a low monthly fee can help businesses make their budgets go further. No costs of anti-virus systems, remembering to upgrade to the latest versions of software and you will also be free of storage issues.

A system you can access at any time, one where staff members can collaborate, one that will never go out of date and one that will provide security… It is a business dream come true as all of this will mean less work for you, less worry or expense and more time to get on with running your business – which is the most important part!

Is The Cloud Making Things Easier For Companies?

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