Death by powerpoint

Powerpoints have dominated the presentation world for such a long time that now we are in 2017 it is all starting to feel pretty outdated. With information overload, bullet points, speakers relying on their listeners to read far too much, basic graphs and dated templates you may be losing clients rather than inspiring them. Powerpoint has had its day and in its place is the easy access to brilliant online presentation tools which will revolutionise the way you work.

Move Your Presentations Online

Right at your fingertips, you can create an eye-catching presentation which you can easily tailor to your needs. Fancy adding some stunning images? Well, you can on Presbee as they offer access to millions of online stock images which are ready to use. You can even edit these to suit your style and taste.
Fed up of clicking a button to bring up a dull list of bullet points? How about dropping words in from different angles or dropping in one letter at a time? You can make an important slide stand out from the rest in order to highlight your point and capture the attention of the audience. The benefits to your business are huge!
If you want to add a video and have often felt nervous doing so when using powerpoint, you can feel at ease using the Presbee software. You can sit back and relax as the system seamlessly streams your video direct from a URL or YouTube.


Music On Your Presentation?

Want to make an impact with music? This can also be achieved! You can choose to add audio to certain slides to help back up the message you are driving. Or how about adding background music throughout? Low-level tasteful music will help to create a relaxed atmosphere for both the speaker and listeners.
If you want to make an impression in particular sections of your presentation you have the option to use a custom animation tool. Bring your slide and information to life and make it so much more interesting than powerpoint.


Bored of Graphs on presentations?

And as for those graphs, why not try creating colourful, stand out from the crowd ones to showcase your business statistics and forecasts? Most of us get bored by numbers but beautifully created charts and graphs will help ensure that your audience isn’t going to doze off!
If you make a mistake or need to make a few amendments to the order of the slide deck you can do this by simply dragging the chosen slide and placing it in its new place. No more clicking on add new slide, copying and pasting information and becoming frustrated by how long it is taking to create. After all, it shouldn’t be this hard!

You need to be moving with the times when it comes to business presentation and using a powerpoint as your referrer to notes is not the way to do this. If you are speaking to a room full of people you want their attention on YOU! The slide decks should be there to back up everything you are saying and draw the audience in with your hard-hitting facts, text and figures. A simplistic, powerful and message driven presentation is what you need.


At The Click Of A Button

As this is an online tool you can also set it up to be viewed by whoever you choose at a click of a button! Presbee will also provide you with vital statistic on your slide’s performance and who is tuning in. This system allows you to reach many more potential clients and the possibility of branching out to those in other countries.
You can also use a keyword to search your archive of presentations and have them to hand in a flash. No more hunting your computer’s hard drive and wondering where that safe place to keep them at the time had gone!
You have so many areas to focus on in your business you don’t need the stress of trying to showcase your work.

Experienced death by powerpoint? Try giving your business a new lease of life with online presentations.

Got That Death By Powerpoint Feeling?

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