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When you start up your business you usually have a lovely long list of tools you need to invest in to get yourself noticed. A shiny new website, social media accounts, stunning images, great product selection, advertising etc. But one tool which is often undervalued is the only one you can personally offer… Great customer service.

How often do you walk into a shop and are ignored? How often have you gone to a restaurant and received poor service? How many times has a phone call taken precedent over you the customer who is stood in the establishment? Do you return to these places? Probably not. First impressions are what will set you apart from your competitors and it can be very difficult to come back from a frosty or awkward start. So what can you do in order to meet your customer’s expectations?

Our Customer Service Tips

First Impressions

They say that you make a snap judgment about somebody within the first 10 seconds of meeting them so you need to be on point from the word go. Smiling is infectious and will put both you and your client at ease. Use a good firm handshake and make eye contact. Show them that you can take control of the situation and that you have confidence in your business. 



Listen to their needs, take on board all of their views and use these to improve their experience with your company. 


Adapt Your Services to Their Needs

From listening and taking in what it is they need/want from your company you can then adapt your services to meet their requirements. If you can tailor your services to their needs you are proving that you are willing to work hard for their custom.


Showcase Your Services

To really go that extra mile you should showcase your plan in a presentation. Online presentations are so readily available and are such a handy tool to provide key points, valid information and vital data in graphs. Presbee is a prime example of a site on which you can create a detailed slide deck which can be accessed online at any time. 


Work out Problems

If any problems, situations or issues ever arise the best course of action is to deal with these immediately. Don’t let a customer feel as though they are complainers or being difficult. Be on hand to talk to, listen to their concerns and make a plan to correct these. It may seem like just one customer but remember, that one customer will talk to their friends and families. One bad word can spread like wildfire and is the quickest way to lose your good reputation. 



Offering introductory or loyalty discounts will keep your customers returning. Even a simple 10% off can help to seal a deal which may be slipping away. Don’t turn down possible sales over a few pounds, they may go around the corner to your competitor and negotiate a deal with them instead. In a market where people are reluctant to spend you need to prepared to be flexible at times.


Train Your Staff

You can’t always be in every place to speak to every client/customer. You need to delegate work in order to manage your business appropriately. Train and coach your team to the standards you work at and ensure they also know all of your clients’ needs. Team training sessions, observations and annual reviews will help to keep on top of performance.


Leave a Lasting Impression

Don’t forget to be polite. Thank your client for their custom, follow up with emails to find out how they are getting on, to see if there is anything else you can do for them and keep them updated on your latest products/deals/services. 

Why Great Customer Service is Your Best Sales tool

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