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Now that we have more online tools at our disposal it is easier than ever to create a presentation for a talk, client or customer. Gone are the days of overhead projectors, changing slides manually and powerpoint. Today we can introduce videos, audio, animation, images and design clever layouts to attract the attention of your audience. 

Are you making the best of what you have, though? Do you remember your key points but forget to dress it all up? Are you wondering why these features are even needed? Presentation design can make or break your business message and if you get it wrong you could be losing potential clients due to this. Here is how you can make that difference to your presentation:

Great Images

By including clear, crisp images throughout your slides you will be capturing the focus of your audience and drawing them in. Nobody wants to look at slightly blurred, poorly taken photos that you have taken yourself. With sites like Presbee, you have access to millions of professional shots which will help to give your presentation that edge. First impressions really count so a first slide with the ‘wow factor’ will give you the best start.


Bullet Points

These are a good way to highlight some key points but you need to hold back on that urge to use them in every slide. They were once a nice way to display your business ideas but people have seen this time and time again and repetitive text can become dull. It is time to sharpen up your presentation and try some new techniques.



What you write in your slides is just as important as the design itself. You may know all your stuff but you really do not need to bog down your audience with every tiny detail of your business. They need the important key areas which will make them sit up and take notice. They want the facts and figures that will make an impact. They certainly don’t want to be sat reading about how you set it all up, how you lived back at your Mum’s whilst you got established and how far you have come since you were 16. Keep it to the main points, keep them interested and keep it punchy.



Following on from content, you also need to ensure that what you are putting in front of your audience can be understood. Steer clear of using jargon that somebody may not understand or abbreviations which aren’t commonly known. Not all of your clients/customers will be familiar with your area of expertise so bear in mind how your wording may come across.



By breaking up your text with a visual aid you are keeping your audience’s attention. You need to think about where this could fit in and how it would flow, especially if you are stood up in front of them. The use of a video could really help to drive the business message. The uploading of a video is also no longer a difficult, technical job either. You can stream your choice from an URL or YouTube very simply with a Presbee package.



This is again all about gaining the focus from your audience. By having different layouts within your presentation, varying transitions and text drops you will be creating a very professional and clever looking slide deck. Your results can truly be spectacular if you get it spot on!
A dull, predictable presentation design will have your audience switching off and the aim of the presentation in the first place is to showcase your business and reinforce what you have to say. By using the points above you are sure to get back on the right track and will be able to produce a presentation that will be remembered!


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How Important is Presentation Design?

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