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The most memorable presentations are implanted in your brain, not always because of the content (although this is important), but mostly because of the presenter themselves. You could have the most attractive slide deck, the most jaw-dropping statistics but if you are boring and lacklustre you will lose your audience in an instant. Here’s how you can add the wow factor to your presentation:

Use your personality

Let who you are, shine through. Become a relatable person but also one the audience members may aspire to one day be.

Be animated

Move around the staging area and use your hands to gesture. Bring your entire presentation to life and show your passion for your company.

Don’t read

Keep your head up and speak clearly. Do not look continuously look down at notes and definitely do not use the slides as your guide. Know your speech before the big day and be confident that you won’t falter.

Lose the Ummm’s

There is nothing worse than a speaker who um’s and ahh’s their way through their talk. If you feel like you are losing your trail of thought just slow it all down and add pauses to gain control again.

Lose the monotone voice

Probably even worse than the umm’s is the one. Tone. Voice. See. How. Dull. It. Can. Be.

Your audience will be falling asleep and not listening to what it is you have to say. Rehearse your upbeat voice and if need be, record yourself prior to the event. Also, gain feedback from friends and family. A well-spoken speech will drive your message home.

Maintain eye contact

Look out to your audience and if you see somebody truly engaged, reach out and get their eye contact. Make your eyes move around the room so to gain everyone’s attention and make them feel as though you are speaking directly to them.

Be personable

If you can add a personal story into the mix you will be showing a new side to you and not just the business one. Make something fit with the topic and the mood. If you want a bit of fun to lighten the atmosphere why not try adding a joke? Sometimes a little break from the script helps to gain the audience’s trust.

Think outside the box

If you have attended events like yours in the past use this insight to make yours stand out from the crowd. What would have made you go wow? What would have grabbed your attention? Perhaps the addition of a film, music or demonstration of a product? How about a cleverly placed conversation between yourself and an animated character on your slide? All of this is possible, all you need is the imagination to come up with it.


Arrive early, check your equipment, check the venue and chair placements, check you have your speech and that everything is in good working order. Maybe do a dummy run before the audience arrives? Let the mistakes happen away from the actual event. You can never over prepare.

Get pumped up

Do not go out onto your stage a bit down, a little sleepy or feeling negative in any way. Get yourself pumped up by warming up your voice, maybe jumping up and down and gaining the energy you need to perform.

Own it

Imagine that this one talk is the performance of your life. Showcase your work, shout out about your amazing business and prove that you own everything you are saying. There is no time for self-doubt, this is your moment.

How To Make Your Presentation Go Above and Beyond

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