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We are all very aware of the importance of recycling and being more economical in this day and age but why are so many businesses still not going paperless? Research shows that the average office worker in the United Kingdom uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper in a single year, which equates to more than four full boxes of copy paper, or 20 reams. Of this, 68% eventually goes into the bin with the most common reasons being printing mistakes such as accidentally printing duplicates or even the wrong documents, printing using the wrong settings and printing documents that didn’t need to be in a paper copy in the first place.

In this digital world age, we should surely be working towards reducing our paper waste? With software such as Presbee, here are some examples of how you could benefit both your business and the environment by going paperless.

Paperless Travelling

One of the bugbears of going to meetings or events is often the fact that you need to carry a lot of files, sales information, services information and so on. By having all you presentation files produced online you will only need to travel with a laptop. Presbee presentation software allows you to produce detailed information-packed slide decks which will provide all of your sales needs. With a choice of themes, millions of online images, animation choices and the option to add sales into graphs and charts what more could you ask for? As long as you have Wi-Fi access you can also edit your presentation on the go or set up your profile so a colleague can work on it for you. 



With your digital software, you can finally do away with filing cabinets and storage space in the office. Files can be easily archived and found at the click of a button.


Time Saving

Having all of your files stored on software allows you to easily store these in easily accessible areas. No more hunting through filing cabinets and hoping that someone placed it in date order, no more moving files from cabinets to storage boxes to make more space and no more last minute panics when a document cannot be found.



I have already mentioned that files can be stored and archived easily and efficiently but another benefit is that you can set up security options for staff meaning that the right people will have the right access to important files. This will also reduce security breaches within your company.


Business Development

With time free from filing and sorting paperwork you will have more time to focus on important accounts within your business, staff training, appointment making, event planning etc.


Business Reach

With an online presentation with Presbee, you can reach many more potential clients and customers. You can choose to make your business presentation public which will mean your information will be accessible to millions of people around the world. You will also be provided with vital statistics on its performance.


Professional Creations

Gone are the days of spider graphs, scraps of paper with ideas and hand-drawn pie charts. Gone are the days of dull repetitive powerpoint presentations. With online presentations, you will be showing that your business is the best to work with due to your professionalism. We make our minds up about something or someone within the first 10 seconds of meeting them or seeing what they have to offer. Make your great first impression with a modern proposal.



By switching over to digital software you will be automatically building an easy to find audit trail which will benefit your company. You can store years worth of vital information, you will be able to back up your software to protect your files in the event of computer issues such as viruses or hacks and you will be saving both time and money on having the auditors in.You will also be able to make changes to documents whilst keeping the originals, helping with compliance and audit guidelines.



We are all trying to find ways to make our working lives easier and simpler and what’s better than doing away with piles of paperwork and getting home on time? It is time to move forward and organise our offices to such a point that everybody will find it easy to use. By using digital software you will be freeing up time, be able to access your files quickly, transfer data at a click of a button, delegate tasks with ease and build a more efficient workplace for everybody involved.

How Presentation Software Can Help in a Paperless World

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