Press Release – Presbee software launch

Timing — for immediate release   03/05/2016



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Presbee Ltd. announces the launch of Presbee, a new presentation software with revolutionary features at

Every six months there seems to be a new presentation tool made available to the world taking advantage of the benefits of HTML5 and modern browsers but Presbee is different says ex-advertising and consultant turned Presbee creator Piers Heriot-Walker “Having spent a lifetime writing and delivering presentations Power Point is still the clear market leader for good reason. I wanted a ‘weapons grade’ online presentation tool that wasn’t just a one trick pony – that serious presenters and casual users alike could use easily. Current online tools are really just template based transition sliders. Whilst it can be helpful to use a pretty template with images of hipsters drinking coffee as a background, most times you want complete freedom and flexibility to tell you story your way. After all it’s not like you can walk into ad agencies or consulting houses and tell them how their presentations must look.

Having looked around and tried everything available I was frustrated with the restrictions existing tools placed on me. So in a moment of madness I decided to stop what I was doing and write my own. I wanted it simple to use – yes we have templates if you want to use them – but with real power under the hood like the ability to present in a non-linear way, custom animation builder and timing controls, record voice straight onto a slide, to be able to search for any slide you ever wrote and easily drop it into your current deck, full multi-media functionality like presenting a live website, include video, audio, charts and run online and offline, increased security over content distribution and full analytics on views.  Two years later and some seed capital along the way Presbee is born”.

Presbee can be found at and is free for those wanting to try out the software.



Company and market background:


The market potential is enormous with over 500 million people using PowerPoint worldwide. (source:


Since launching in Hungary in 2009,Prezi has received over 1 billion views and 60 Million Customers (source:


The much more limited SlideShare was sold recently for $120m to LinkedIn in May 2012. (ref:


Presbee is designed and written by Piers Heriot-Walker and trades as Presbee Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom.