So, you have your idea, you have your passion and your drive but what else do you need to start up your business? For most of you, this will be your first experience of having your own business and although enthusiasm is a great trait to have you also need some knowledge of how to increase your sales, increase your visibility and reach out to potential new clients. These are what I consider to be the first steps you should be taking to help with your start-up.

Social Media

Social media is increasingly being used as a platform for free online marketing. By creating accounts you are opening yourself up to be able to engage with customers/clients, showcase what you have to offer and share important updates. If you choose to blog in order to up your profile it is very important to post these across each social media platform you use. You can even schedule them by using tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite. Ensure you are using appropriate hashtags across the board.


PR Management

Daily promoting across social media and the internet can take it’s toll especially when you are trying to make new contacts and seal deals. By employing a PR they can take control of that media side of things allowing you to be free to focus on what you need to prioritise. PR’s will help to increase your online visibility, provide extra support and put you in touch with the press. Never underestimate the power of paying out a little bit of money to begin with in order to grow in the future.


Web Analytics

Monitoring the traffic going to your website is vital as this will tell you who is searching for your business, what areas they are interested in and where you need to spend your focus. Google analytics is a prime example of an online tool that will benefit your site. This will provide you with audience behaviour, demographic information, traffic sources and so much more. Use this free tool to your advantage and to help you grow the areas you need.


Online Presentations

With more and more businesses connecting overseas creating an accessible online presentation will help you to reach out to all of your clients. Presbee offers an easy to use online service where you can create, design and add special features to any presentation. You can also have control over who can view them. Plus they provide stats on who is looking at them and when.


Online Survey Tools

In order to learn who your target market are and what it is they want/need from you can be determined by submitting online surveys to your current clients. You can cater the questions to meet your requirements and gain honest, specific feedback on how to improve and therefore increase your business and sales.



Video conferences are a popular tool as they save time on commuting, travel expenses and are more personal than using a phone. It also helps the client put a face to their trusted supplier and build a rapport.


Customer Relationship Management or CRM

This tool is used to look after every interaction that you have with your customers; a lead, a phone call, or an email. Its aim is to document each interaction your customer has with you, so you can help them along the buyer journey with ease and provide much better customer service. Examples of these are Salesforce, Hubspot and Nimble.

The most important part of every tool is your understanding and of course your engagement with the right people. Gain knowledge of all these areas and delegate the work to the appropriate team or PR. By engaging across social media, via online presentations or through conference calls you are ensuring that the customer can see who they are dealing with and will make them feel confident that they have most definitely picked the right company to work alongside.

Sales Tools For Your Start-Up Business

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