Sales Tools

The tools available to you are ones that should enable you to improve your sales, advertise, make new contacts, help your company to be seen and make it stand out from the competitors.

This list will provide you with the essential sales tools which should be utilised within your business.


This will need to outline what your company does, who your target market is, what you have to offer and, most importantly, why the client should pick you over the next company. Use it to showcase your products, provide professional images and talk about your team. It is always reassuring to see faces behind the company name. Don’t forget to include sales information, promotional activity and relevant stats. By including previous client’s testimonies, you will be building confidence in the new prospective client.


With many businesses using social media as a gateway to their company information and for gaining clients/customers you mustn’t overlook this as one of the best places to advertise completely for free. Link all platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, so you have the same information across the board. Use images which will stand out, use relevant points and ensure that you are engaging with those who are commenting or messaging. 

Leaflets can be an item you either love or hate. If you hand them out in the right places you will be reaching more of the right type of people, for example, at a relevant sales show, at an open day and so on. If you are employing somebody to letterbox drop you may well be wasting your time and money. You won’t get as many positive hits as not every house you go to will require your services. You need to think smart in cases like these and make the decisions that will benefit your company.

Sales Presentations Online

With presentations now being accessible online, you can reach a wider audience at the click of a button. By creating an engaging and information-packed presentation you will be drawing in more views and therefore increase your chances of sealing a new deal. With sites such as Presbee, you can put together a professional slide deck easily and without needing design knowledge. All the tools are there for you to use and with millions of royalty free images, you will be able to make each slide look professional. You also have the options to include animation, stream videos, add audio and use transitions throughout. Your presentation can be viewed by the public across the globe and Presbee will also provide you with ongoing statistics of its performance. 

Sales Training

This is a tool which needs to be provided by yourself on a regular basis. Your sales team are your company’s best sales tools because they are the ones connecting with your clients on a daily basis. By providing top customer care, by having in-depth knowledge of both the company’s values and products/services they will be showing that your company is the right one for the prospective client to invest in. 

Investing time in your staff will, in turn, invest money in your company.


Product/services Video Demonstrations

Video can create a strong message and with the internet, you can make this go so much further. To have an instant demonstration of your products or images of the services you have previously supplied will benefit your company no end. You have several choices here: Have this on your website, YouTube upload, share across social media platforms, have your staff carry a tablet with the video for when they are selling and definitely stream it into your presentation.


Sales Meetings

At times, you may hold a sales meeting, attend a relevant product/services show or a large event which you may speak at. At each of these, it is imperative that you turn up prepared, with all the correct same tools and be confident that you can deliver the best version of yourself and your company.

Essential tools will include your brochures, leaflets, notepads, flip charts, sales information, product samples, video demonstrations, staff demonstrations and your online presentation. 


With all of these sales tools, you need to ensure that your brand is strong, that one message is always driven and prove to your clients that your company is worth working with. Using each of these and being flexible with how you use them will push you further towards success.

What’s in Your Sales Toolbox?

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