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It is not uncommon these days, to be asked to present during an interview. Some job roles will require you to do this on a regular basis so being asked to carry out this task in a job interview is only fitting. You may choose to simply use handouts but if you really want to make an impression why not opt for a modern online presentation?

With technology like this, you will be able to add your own information, use as many slides as you need and wow your interview panel with added extras such as video streaming and brilliant images. However, there will be some points you will need to remember. The interview will most probably be timed to an hour so ensure that your presentation doesn’t go on past 15 minutes. If you want to be really prepared check with the company and get confirmation on their time limits. At least with it being a short piece, you won’t have the chance to waffle on or feel as though you need to fill time. Following on from this point ensure that your presentation is fact-filled but snappy. Give the appropriate text and figures but keep to the topic and don’t be tempted to go off on a tangent. This is your chance to showcase you and what you can deliver for them. 

Do your research on the company you are hoping to work for. Do you know their ethos? Do they have a motto? Can you include any facts or statistics from their business and apply it to your presentation? Presbee has a large choice of tables, charts and pie charts to apply your statistics to. Use the available tools to your advantage. This is where you can really stand out from the other candidates. If you show that you want the job so much that you have learnt all there is to know about the company, you will have a step up above the rest.

You can’t include everything, though, so pick 3 main points you want to get across and expand on these in your speech. Your presentation is not your script so only refer to it for your key points, the rest must come from you.

This is your chance to showcase you and what you can deliver for them. Show confidence and speak clearly and enthusiastically. I would rehearse this several times before the interview day and possibly even film yourself performing it. If you turn up unprepared, nervous and unsure of your speech you will be letting yourself down and the panel will be able to see this. Make sure you know precisely what you want to say and how you want to say it. Use your voice to get your message across by using different tones and expressions. A monotone voice will have the panel painfully dropping off. Body language will also be your friend here. Walk about, use your hands and make eye contact throughout.

Being clever with your content is one thing and being outrageous is quite another. Think about how you will come across in a first meeting. Stick to being clever with your talk but going overboard in your interview may cross the boxes instead of ticking them. Showing enthusiasm and confidence can be done in a classy way. 

Above everything stay as relaxed as you can, let your personality shine and take your time. If you feel as though you are rushing or panicking just slow it right down. Perhaps ask your interview panel for any questions? This will give you the chance to re-set your pace and gain control again. Let confidence be the positive trait they see in you and own your presentation.

Presentations In Interviews

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