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We have already covered why we think you need a new approach to presentations, and now we’d like to go into a little more detail as to why Presbee should be the online presentation software of your choice.

As with any new software, it can be a little daunting or overwhelming when there are new features and new tools and techniques to be experimented with and tested, so we’ve rounded up our top 8 features offered by Presbee, for you to then go and try out in your next presentation.

Native video handling

With so much available to us through the medium of video online now, it is often the case that it is easier to show your audience, rather than simply tell them. In the past, this may have meant pasting a link onto your slide and then clumsily opening that link in another browser, hoping that all runs smoothly before trying to navigate back to your presentation software. With an online presentation tool like Presbee this is a thing of the past. You simply upload your video to Presbee or paste in your URL and it will be streamed when required – no waiting for it to load or frustrating links.


Video Backgrounds

Presbee can also stream a video as a full slide background, which will play automatically or on demand when you move onto the desired slide.



One of the best new features of Presbee is the power you have to view who has seen your presentation through your analytics page. As with most social media platforms, with Presbee you can now get a breakdown of who has viewed your presentation remotely, as well as when they viewed it. So now when you need to follow-up with a client or business partner you will be safe in the knowledge they already have the necessary information and you’re on the same page. Similarly, you can also send follow-up emails if team members haven’t found the time to view your most recent presentation.


More control

Presbee allows you to control who can view your presentation remotely, as you can provide and revoke access to your presentation. For example, if you are pitching to a potential client using certain presentations created on Presbee and then the deal breaks off, you can revoke their access to your presentations. Similarly, if your relationship has changed with a supplier you can block their access to sensitive information contained in presentations you previously shared.


Create your own animations

With the Custom Animation Timeline Builder, you can easily create an animation for any one of the slides in your presentation. Whether you want to emphasise a certain graphic or image or move things around the slide, it is easy and quick to create an animation with Presbee. In fact, this is one of the best ways we found to keep your presentation interesting for your audience.


Access your presentation anywhere

As Presbee is an online presentation tool you can access it anywhere in the world – and on any device – through your browser. This is also true for your audience if they are viewing the presentation remotely. So you don’t need to worry about whether the device you are given or working from, has Powerpoint Presentation installed – instead, you are safe in the knowledge you can access your presentation, and all of your others, through the Presbee site.


You are always up to date

Presbee will automatically update so the presentation saved on the site is always the most recent and relevant, and you know that this is the version your audience and colleagues will be viewing.


You can work with Presbee online and offline

It doesn’t matter where in the world your business takes you, wifi and connection problems can happen anywhere. With Presbee that is not an issue, as you can save your presentations locally to your computer, just in case you have to present offline.


Get creative with a non-linear structure

Moving away from a traditional slide presentation structures of PowerPoint Presentation is one of our top tips for keeping your presentations interesting and it is also one of the best new features of Presbee. Instead of just moving through a set presentation you can instead create dynamic links that jump to other slides in your presentation. This not only shakes up the traditional presentation design but it means you can emphasise the information relevant to your viewers or answer any questions that come up in a professional and efficient manner.


So there you go, 8 awesome new presentation features that come with working with Presbee. Why not check out our top tips for using sounds and audio to enhance your presentation?


Would you benefit from enhanced analytics for your presentations? Do you rely on video heavily in your presentations?

You can find out more about Presbee here.

The 8 Best New Presentation Features Offered By Presbee
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