top tips for a modern business presentation

Once you have made the decision to move away from the dated powerpoint and onto the online presentation you then need to make choices which will help to seal your deals, which will make an impact on your audience and leave a lasting impression of your business. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to put an eye-catching business presentation together but you should ideally follow these top tips to ensure you are not making basic visual mistakes.

Stick to a Theme

Don’t feel as though you need to mix up your fonts, colours and images all the way through the slides. A consistent theme will be pleasing to the eye. If too much is going on you are only going to distract your audience away from the message you are trying to drive and could leave your business in a poor light.


Use Single Images

One clean background image with text over the top will look professional and sleek. If you begin to layer images or have a busy slide it can begin to look messy and almost like a school project. There may be times when you need a block of four images, perhaps with a title across, but for the main body of your slide deck keep it simple.


Don’t Colour Overload

Rainbow text may look very pretty to you but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘I’m a professional business!’ Stick to colour themes on each slide and ensure these colours ‘pop’ from any background images. Test your slide deck prior to presenting it to an audience by checking that your content is, in fact, readable from any distance. Also, check what colours mean in business.


Lose the Bullet Points

Bullet points have had their day along with powerpoint. Try sticking to your key points and not overloading the slide with content. You as the presenter can provide any extra knowledge and are on hand to answer questions. Keep your presentation clean.


Break Up Your Content

Still on the ‘keeping it all clean and easy to read’ topic why not also break up text with animations or video? Online presentation tools offer live streaming for videos from any URL or YouTube so there is no need to worry about technical hitches. 


Font Size

Don’t mess around with lots of different size fonts. Use one size for titles, another for your main body and a third for subtitles or points you want to highlight. Make it clear to read and consistent throughout.


Choose Your Font 

It is easy to lean towards a fancy font which looks elegant and pretty but is it standing out on the screen? Often the swirls get misread and are difficult to focus on. Sans-Serif fonts are your modern, professional options which are clean, sharp and easy to read. 


Use of Bars

Text placed directly onto an image can become lost. To solve these issues you can choose to place a bar across the screen. There are many options available and it is purely personal taste of whether you go for a skinny one through the centre or perhaps a square block in a corner or a fat bar across the bottom.



You can put together the most stunning presentation but if there are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or missing words your audience is going to pick up on these immediately. Make sure you check it through thoroughly or have somebody do this for you. Don’t lose out on a great business opportunity due to areas that can be easily solved.



And lastly, do not forget about yourself. You need to be smart, speak with ease, stand with confidence and know your speech. You are the person they will be dealing with and they need to know that they can rely on your business and the service you will be providing. First impressions leave lasting impressions.

Top Tips for a Modern Business Presentation

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  1. Nice post. But I think you miss out something like assistant devices. Naming some like presentation clickers, laser pointer or attachable microphone (for bigger presentation ofcourse).
    Anyway, this is a very good post for those who just get started out.

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