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If you haven’t yet moved over to using an online presentation site and are still trying to decide whether to, here are our key advantages to moving over from basic offline presentation packages.

Accessible to clients and colleagues

You have the control of your presentation at your fingertips. You can choose to keep it private or make it public. You can allow colleagues to access your work to make their own amendments and set up your account to allow particular clients to view your presentation.

Save Your Clients’ Time

With an online presentation, your clients can view what your company has to offer at any time of the day. No need to book appointments, leave offices or set up conference calls. Your presentation will provide all they need to know and if they missed any points they can simply and easily watch it again, show it to their colleagues and make notes in their own time.

Full Analytics Provided

Want to know who has viewed your presentation and when? With Presbee this is all possible. This allows you to understand the successful parts of your content as well as knowing who it is popular with. This can be vital to your company if you want to follow-up with a client or prospect after knowing that they have actually reviewed your information.

The Opportunity to be Creative

The options to create a presentation that suits you and your company are much more advanced than what you are provided in powerpoint. There are more templates, accessible stock images, the option to add animation and transitions as well as charts and graphs. You can also create your own template from scratch if you have an eye for design. Nothing needs to be rushed either, you can simply save your work and return to it once you have more ideas!

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They Can be Applied in Many Areas

Your presentation doesn’t only need to sell something. It can be used to outline proposals, business development ideas, provide training ideas, showcase what your company does and so much more. The list really could go on. The beauty of having this information in a presentation format is that it also captures your audience’s attention so will benefit your business no end.

They Can Be Used at an Event

We have previously covered the topic of events a few times in our blogs but I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get this right on the day and how much an online presentation can benefit this. Your day can be planned around your presentation, you can pause for questions and interactivity, you can add videos and music to highlight particular areas, all of your key information will be in one place, your audience will be drawn in by the use of a visual prop and you could even email it out to all of the attendees after the event so they have the information to hand.

They Can Be Easily Applied to Your Website and Across Social Media

In this digital age, everybody is looking for the information they require on the internet. Social media sites are being utilised as business platforms more and more and are proving to be fantastic free marketing options for businesses. Your online presentation can be shared across these sites and promoted without leaving your office. You may also want to apply it to your website so any potential clients can view what you are all about and what you can offer at the click of a button.

Online presentations are the way forward to help market your business, become more visible and gain more sales. It is clearly the time to move away from offline tools and move over to online.

The Key Advantages to Using an Online Presentation Site
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