what your presentation says about you

Whether in the workplace or the classroom, to colleagues and classmates or potential clients or even your superiors, when you get up and pitch, you’re being analysed from all angles.

All eyes are on you, and it is your time to convey to your audience what you are about and place a lasting impression in their minds.

The presentation that accompanies your pitch is as important, if not more important, in shaping your audience’s opinion of you. A professional and beautiful presentation will show that you have invested time and thought into the presentation, as well as the fact that you are technically savvy.

We have already made a list of our top 5 presentation tools, with Presbee topping that list, but in terms of making a good impression on your audience, we’re going to explain why an online presentational tool like Presbee is our top choice.

Looking to the future or stuck in the past?

There is no right way to construct your presentation, but as the online world develops and changes at an ever-increasing pace, it’s important to appear as if you have your have your ear to the ground and are keeping up with the trends.

PowerPoint presentation has some advantages but unfortunately, if you stick to the classic slide presentation tool it can look dated. Of course, you can manipulate the software so it appears professional and slick, but think of how many presentations you’ve seen where they look anything but.

If you can present to your audience something that they haven’t seen before, or use features from your presentation tool they may not be familiar with then not only will you engage them, but also impress them with your technical ability.

This is easy with Presbee as there is a range of features that your audience are unlikely to be familiar with. Some of these include streaming a live web page onto your slides and streaming a live video as a slide background. Similarly, you can create your own custom animations and even throw the linear slide template out of the window and instead jump from slide to slide as and when you need.

Botched Job?

Short on time but still need a professionally finished presentation? If you are rushed and don’t have time to perfect you presentation, with other tools you may end up with a boring and uninspiring presentation that translates to your audience a lack of creativity and that you have failed to put in the effort.

The solution to this is easy with Presbee, as there are ready-made templates you can use to create a professionally finished and beautiful presentation even when you’re short on time. Whether you decide to go for a completely set template to insert your own text into or just a certain colour code throughout it is easy and quick with Presbee to create an engaging and slick presentation.

Rule out any onstage mishaps

It may have happened to you or you may have witnessed it yourself in the classroom or in the workplace… you’ve got the computer set up, the projector connected, and then you can’t open your presentation on that computer’s software. Or your memory stick isn’t recognised or you can’t log into the cloud-based storage you’ve saved your presentation to.

With an online presentation tool like Presbee, problems like these are eradicated. You can log into any computer running any software and as long as you can run a browsing system then you can log into your Presbee account and access your presentation. This will save any embarrassing moments on stage and ensure your audience know you are organised and prepared for the presentation.

Hopefully, this will have given you an idea of how your presentation can represent you and your company or brand in a positive, and sometimes, unfortunately, negative light. An online presentation tool like Presbee can paint you, as a public speaker, as technically gifted and professional no matter how much time you have to spare, or how creative you are, which is a win-win really.

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments on stage? Do you think about how your audience perceive you when you’re pitching?


You can find out more about Presbee and its features here.


What Your Presentation Says About You
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