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During your time at college or university, you will probably have to create numerous presentations to give to your class or tutors… and probably for the first time in your academic career, your grade or mark may depend on it.

Of course, spending time learning how to create and give impressive and engaging presentations is invaluable when it comes to your career after education, and it can even give you that extra advantage on your C.V.

If you have never created a presentation before, or you’ve never strayed from PowerPoint presentation, then Presbee is the perfect online presentation tool for you. Presbee’s ease of use and the creative capability it gives you should make it your top choice whilst in education and beyond. But don’t just take our word for it, here are the other top reasons why Presbee is great for your student presentations.

You can access it anywhere

Whether you are on the library’s desktop computers, your laptop in Starbucks or your PC at home, you can access Presbee wherever you can load up an internet browser. This also rules out any frustrating issues when it comes to giving your presentation if you need to plug into the university intranet, as you can access your presentation from their internet browsing software. And even if you don’t have the internet – there are always times when the wifi goes down – then you can download your presentation to view offline.



If you are working on a group project then with Presbee it is easy to share your work and allow for comments and alterations to be made by other members of your group. You don’t have to worry that some group members may be working with different software as you can access Presbee on any internet browser.


Share easily

If you want to share your presentation with friends and classmates then you can easily send them the link to your private presentation for them to view on Presbee. This is ideal when it comes to revision time as well. Furthermore, if you decide that you no longer want to share your presentation then you can remotely revoke access for those you shared it with from your account page on Presbee.


Unlock your creative potential

Presbee has a variety of creative features to let you unlock your creative potential and also turn a potentially boring lecture into one that will impress your classmates and your tutor or professor. From creating and adding your own custom animation to adding audio, sounds and video you can make your presentation as interesting as you are. And if you really want to impress, you can even stream a live web page as a background for one of your slides, which will highlight your technical ability and hopefully aid your pitching.


Beat any presentation nerves

Now we’re not saying that Presbee has a magic cure for anxiety about public speaking (although we have made a list of top tips for nervous public speakers) but if you do have an awesome presentation to aid your pitch then you can rely on that. Similarly, it will also draw the eyes of your audience away from you and onto the presentation behind you, especially if it is full of images, graphics and video. The more you get used to giving presentations, and the more in tune you are with all of the different features of Presbee, the fewer nerves you will have – and then by the time that grade-saving presentation comes around you’ll ace it!


So there you have it, these are our reasons why Presbee is perfect for your student presentation. If you want to know more about all of the different features of Presbee we have loads of different articles like this one – from our top tips for using sound and audio to enhance your presentations, to help with choosing the right images – all collected in our Learning Centre.


If you would like to know more about Presbee, you can find out more about its features here.

Do you love or loathe given presentations to your class or tutors? How important do you think the software is that you choose for your presentation?

Why Presbee is Perfect for Your Student Presentation
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