Whether you are a teacher, course leader or trainer, the chances are you use a projector and a presentation to accompany your teaching points. Presentations are ideal for adding visuals, project tasks and extra information or even to play videos or audio to your students or learners.

The tasks, activities and content that make up your lesson are the focus of your planning, and therefore you need presentation software that is easy to use, compatible with whichever projector and P.C or laptop you are using and that has a range of features that matches the varied content of your lessons.

Presbee is a perfect presentation tool for the classroom as it is online-based and therefore accessible in whichever classroom you find yourself in. Presbee also has a range of innovative features that make it the perfect choice for your classroom-based presentations.

Integrated Video and Audio

So you want to show your students that cool video on YouTube that perfectly highlights your point, or you want to show a film clip to spark their interest in the day’s topic… but to do that you have to exit your presentation, hope that the page you loaded previously is still there, and then click play with the awkward adverts and browser page visible to the class as well. Then you have to move back to your presentation, find the slide you were on and launch back into your presentation. Not exactly seamless is it?

With Presbee you can integrate web-based video straight onto your slides, and the content will stream live on the slide when you move onto it. Once the video is done with, in one click you can carry onto the next slide of your presentation. Now that is seamless.

Similarly, you can add audio into any of your slides and even select it to Autoplay so it will start when you move onto the selected slide.


Smart Animation and Transitions

Adding animation to your slides is also easy, as is adding transitions between slides. While you’re preparing your lesson or talk you don’t want to be spending an enormous amount of time editing your presentation so the ease at which you can make your presentation look professional and also interesting with Presbee is a great bonus. The Custom Animation Builder allows you to easily break down complex concepts or ideas into smaller parts or highlight specific points to your audience.


It doesn’t matter which classroom you’re in

Whether you move classroom every day or have your desk set up permanently, you still might not have the same software running at home. Similarly, if you are moving around then if you forget your memory stick, can’t access the file or the whole hard drive is corrupted – forbid, this does actually happen – your lesson plan is out of the window and you’re left scrambling to reassemble a semi-viable lesson. Presbee skilfully works around this issue as it runs fully through your browser. So, it doesn’t matter which classroom you end up teaching in you can access your presentation anywhere you can run a browser.


Move around the slide deck

When a tricky question comes up or you need to recap an idea or concept that was mentioned previously, with a traditional presentation you might try skipping back through all of your slides until you find the information you need. Whereas with Presbee, you can choose to navigate your presentation in a non-linear fashion, which would mean you can move to the slides you need with ease.


Have you got experience using presentation software in the classroom? What is your preferred style of presentation when teaching?

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Why Presbee is the Perfect Presentation Tool for the Classroom
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