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Frank won't change his style for anybody.
He and his team maintain a consistent brand look by sharing:
  • Fonts
  • Typography
  • Color Palettes
  • Images
  • Templates

How to keep your brand consistent with - Brand Guardian

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control your brand styles with your team

Brand identity is hard to build and even harder to maintain.

We all know brand consistency is important, but suddenly there is an urgent task or a quick job that needs doing and we ignore brand constraints to get it done - Sod's law says that this is a widely shared document and the genie is out the bottle. We want to help you and your team stay on point with our Brand Guardian

By having all the default styles, fonts and images ready to go - Presbee allows you to deliver the same message quickly and efficiently, but this time on brand.

You can set and control the level of flexibility your team has over design templates, design styles, fonts, colors and images.

Suggest options as prefered selections or completely restrict your team to a set of pre-defined choices - it's up to you.

Design templates and then share them across the team.

Share creative ideas with your team.

Search your teams work to quickly find previous projects and reuse them to reduce duplication.