Getting your online presentation spot on first time can be a tall order. You will often find that practice makes perfect, that you need to take the time to get to grips with the software available and learn from how each presentation performs via the online statistics.

We want to give you a helping hand to get you off on the right foot so here are our 10 quick tips on how to make a successful online presentation:


  • Text and content
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Data
  • Your key message
  • How you are going to make an impact



2. Important Content

Ask yourself these key questions in order to bring together the content that will show your business off.

  • What does my audience already know about my company?
  • What do I need to tell them?
  • What do they expect? From me, from our services, from our staff, from the company overall.
  • What will be interesting to them?
  • What can I teach them?
  • What is new that will surprise them?
  • What will keep them focused and prevent them from switching off?



3. Images

Most online sites will have a wide range of stock images for use at your disposal. These will be of high quality and will look professional. If you are using your own ensure they are of a high resolution and show your company in the best light. Images should be there to reinforce your message and to grab the readers attention. If you have any that demonstrate what your content is saying then this is even better!




4. Themes

Have a play with different themes to make the best selection for your company. You want something that will showcase your content effectively but won’t draw the reader’s eye away from what you are trying to say. Think long and hard about your colour schemes and how these will sit on the themes available to you.


5. Data

Do not over do your graphs and charts. Pick your vital statistics and lay these out in a clear way to any reader. Not everyone who accesses your presentation will enjoy looking at lots of figures so ensure you only include ones that will truly benefit your business.




6. Include your personality

Don’t let your presentation flop because it is too dull. The potential client/customer wants to work with you and they want to see who the person is behind the name. A little background information, a little humour and even real customer feedback will all highly benefit you.


7. Make an impact

As I mentioned above you need something that will leave that lasting impression. Nothing over the top, nothing that will come across cheesy or offensive but a little something that will make your reader sit up and pay attention. Video and audio are both great tools which are easily placed within a slide deck. You can even streamline via YouTube with Presbee. The ideal place for this to occur would be in the middle of your presentation to break up the text and to keep the reader engaged.


8. A fresh set of eyes

Once you have your first draft get a colleague to look over your slides with a fresh eye. They may spot a spelling mistake, data error or grammatical error. Ask them to provide you with constructive feedback regarding the way it looks as well as the way it reads. Make appropriate changes where they are required.


So there we have it, you can now begin to work on your very first presentation happy that you now have these simple pointers to get you started.

We have so many more tips within our other blogs, so please do stop by and check them out.





8 Quick Tips on How to Make a Successful Online Presentation
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