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Social media is one of the biggest ways to increase your reach, your message, your ideas and to be seen by a far greater audience. How you deliver your business across your channels has a huge bearing on how much you will succeed and here at Presbee we want to be able to help you succeed by having the right images, the best social media banners and clear, concise branding.


Why do I need a social media banner?

Your social media banner is one of the first things your audience will set eyes upon when they click onto your profile. It is a visual representation of you, your business/company, who you are and what you offer. Having a consistent design across the social media board will allow you to be instantly recognised and will help to drive engagement and increase conversion.


Can I just use a photo?

In short, no. Each social media platform has a different size requirement which means that your photo may look good on one site but may cut off completely on another. If you want to appear professional it is imperative that you spend a little time working on your visuals. Don’t forget that people make their first decisions within those first 10 seconds of clapping their eyes on something.


Why you need great social media graphic design

Effective social media graphic design adds value, professionalism and consistency to your company. If your design work is good or even brilliant, it can have a huge impact and should see an increase in your followers.


So, what dimensions are needed?

For the main social media sites the banner dimensions are as follows:

Facebook– 820 x 310

Twitter– 1500 x 500

Pinterest– 600 x 900 or 600 x 1300

Blog Header– 560 x 317


Below is what Presbee can offer you (as well as having the option to create a custom size):


Presbee social media list


How can I make my banner stand out?

  1. Include the colours for your company or from your logo
  2. If possible, get your logo in there somewhere
  3. Use professional images, not your own. You don’t want blurry, grainy, dull images. You need bright, clear and eye-catching
  4. Select an image that will grab the viewers attention the moment they click on
  5. Add text if appropriate to your business, perhaps a catchy tagline?
  6. Create a few (if time permits) and upload them to see which fits the best for your company
  7. Don’t be afraid of making a bold statement with colour
  8. Don’t be cheesy, out of date or inappropriate
  9. If you are stuck for ideas, why not take a look at your competitors. Obviously don’t copy them, just gain a perspective on what works and what doesn’t. What do the best in the business look like?
  10. Think outside the box, how about a video/presentation banner?




You don’t need to be a design whizz and you certainly don’t need to hire a graphic designer to get your social media banners looking fab! With a bit of time and practice, a few amazing ideas and a good template, you can be making a great impression on all of your accounts. With Presbee, your design results will always be first class!

Tips for Creating The BEST Social Media Banner
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