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It can be so easy to think that if you have your business website set up and your social media accounts all linked, that people will just suddenly find you, right? Wrong! With more and more businesses setting up as online only, with social media becoming jam-packed with news updates, celebs, friends and everything else to keep you in the know, it becomes a tough job to get ‘seen’. What with that plus the ever-changing¬†algorithms which are challenging every public page at the moment, you are probably finding yourself and your company vanishing from sight.

So, what else can you do? Here are our top 5 tips for getting your business noticed online:


Strong Branding

This probably seems like a given BUT is your branding saying the right thing about what you do? Have you ever looked into what your colours may be saying about you? We have a post right here on that. And most importantly, is your branding consistent across every social media site you use? A potential client/customer needs to be able to click online and easily see that your Facebook page is you after looking at your website, that your logo is clear to see, that your Twitter name links to your business name and so on. The smallest details can mean so much. If you want to be found you need to be screaming ‘hi, this is me, this is what we look like, come on over!’ I don’t want to be clicking on your Instagram account and wondering if I have the right company, I want this to be obvious. Look at your sites with a fresh pair of eyes or gain feedback from a customer and make changes where you think appropriate.


Social Media Headers

I know I may go on about social media quite a bit but it really is a great tool for marketing yourself because it is free (one of my favourite points!) and because it is where your future customers could be. You can reach far more people across the internet than you ever could in a shop and if you don’t utilise that, you are missing a huge opportunity. Social media sites are quite particular about the size of their headers and it can be easy to just upload any photo in the hope that it will fit your Twitter header the same way it does over on Facebook but chances are it won’t and it can end up looking like a shoddy job. Presbee has each header option over on their site for you to create the best header you possible can for your business. I have previously talked about these in other articles including how to create a Twitter header, why you need to crack Pinterest and making your blog posts stand out. Why not check them out and see how Presbee’s new features could work for you?


preview of my header

Don’t be Anonymous

When your business/company is online it can be easy to forget the simple things like letting people know who is behind the scenes. When we walk into a shop we are met by smiling (we hope) staff who all wear name badges stating who they are and their positions. You can ask to speak to the manager and you can gauge the type of person they are from talking to them. You may be a lovely person in real life but does this transpire across the net? Are your posts as friendly as you or are they more business-like? Everyone likes a personality. They want to see the face of the company, they want to know you and be able to gel with you without the need for meeting you. I would highly recommend taking photos of yourself and the team and using these on your website and sharing them on social media. Show yourselves at work and also having fun, include photos of team building exercises or even better, film it. Facebook live is a great tool to engage with your audience… if you’re brave enough! Anyone who likes your page will receive a notification each time you go live which will increase your chances of being seen.


Get on YouTube

Following on from the above tip, it only seems natural to move onto YouTube next. I don’t think it really matters what your business is, anything can grab viewers attention as long as you can create and edit a fantastic YouTube video. You will probably want to practise speaking and working on your nerves before starting out but once you overcome these small issues you can reach so many more people with video than you can do by only being on social media. A blog is a great way to bring traffic to your website but if you have something you want to demonstrate, if you want to show who you are, if you want to film a day in the life of, then YouTube is your friend. It is so easy to set up a channel and once your video is ready to go live, you can also share this across other social media sites or how about in your weekly newsletter? Step out of your comfort zone and make that impression you need to get yourself noticed!


Get Your Images Spot On!

Having said all of the above, there is nothing worse than having the right type of photos but in poor quality. All it takes is a little practice OR think about hiring a professional photographer, which I would recommend for any marketing materials and your website anyway. You obviously can’t do this for Instagram every day but with a few tips, we can help you along your way. Check out this post here on taking better photos.



Go on, have a go at some of these and see if a difference is made. Get your business noticed online!

5 Things You Need to be Doing to Get Your Business Noticed Online
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