Why You Need A New Approach To Presentations

Do you need a new approach to presentations? Think about the last presentation you gave. Maybe you got all of the information across you needed to, but did it really convey your skills and creativity? Did it engage your audience, or did it make them switch off? Did it impress or was it simply another run of the mill slide show presentation?

We are more visually aware than ever, and that means your presentations need to be as engaging and as interesting as you are.

In this post, we will explain how Presbee allows you to create more engaging presentations that will not only inform your audience but impress them.


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Creating beautiful presentations can be difficult without the right tools, if not near impossible. An amazing presentation has a professional finish, is visually engaging and unique without distracting from the information you need to convey. How can you possibly do this with software that is ubiquitous with boring office presentations and designed to simply present text onto a large screen – we’re looking at you Powerpoint.

Presbee allows you to choose from millions of royalty free images and then edit them to perfection. Then you can add your text and change where it is placed and how it looks, easily and quickly. Presbee features all of the usual types and fonts and more, as well as then the possibility to add impressive transitions and even animations. Whether you’re utilising charts, video or audio, you’re in complete control, but you aren’t learning a new language, the software is easy to use so you can let your creativity shine.


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Similarly, with that last presentation you gave or made, weren’t you a little worried when you clicked send? What if your colleagues don’t have the same software? How do you know who is going to be viewing it – after all we can all forward attachments on. How do you know someone hasn’t altered your work, or worse, copied it and is using it as their own?

All of these worries belong in the past.

As Presbee is an online presentation tool all of these problems are removed. There is only one published version of your presentation and that version is always the most up to date. You don’t need to worry what software your colleagues or audience are using because the presentation is browser based.

You have security over your IP, and this means it is a lot harder to copy your work – you have the control over your presentation.


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And then the big difference, in an age when you can gather analytics from all of your social media channels, why shouldn’t you be able to do that from something as direct as your presentation?

With Presbee you can gather viewer analytics from your presentation, telling you who has viewed it and when. Similarly, you can also then restrict access to your presentations if certain users don’t need to view the information again or, for example, if you have finished working with certain clients. Once you’ve started using Presbee you won’t be able to imagine a time when you didn’t have full control over your own work.


So, do you need to change your approach to presentations? Are you ready for the future of visual presentations?

You can find out more about the amazing features of Presbee and its benefits here.

Why You Need a New Approach to Presentations
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