how to make your presentation more interactive

We’ve recently covered areas such as 8 quick tips on how to make a successful online presentation and signs that your slide deck is outdated so now it is time to move our focus onto how to make your presentation the full package by making it and yourself interactive. A bland presentation and talk will have your audience looking for the door but one that pops out from the screen, that gives the listeners something to listen to and one that leaves them wanting more is your key to success. Here are our top focus areas to achieving this:


1. Add clear, professional images of your products, company, your work space and anything else that may be of interest. This could also include yourself and staff to allow your audience to see the faces behind the business.



2.  Use professional and well put together videos that you have already posted yourself to YouTube. Show how many skills you have and that you are already on top of marketing and a dab hand with social media. These are considered important areas to many people these days. With Presbee you can live stream straight from the YouTubeURL which will reduce technical issues.


3. Introduce certain sections by using animation. Yes, animation can become cheesy so you need to get the right balance to make it interesting but not over do it. A surprise animation will break up a lot of text and keep your audience on their toes. You can probably get away with doing this just once during your presentation to have the desired impact.


4.  Use transitions cleverly and throughout certain slides to make the text more enjoyable to read. Presbee offers you the choice of many transitions including bouncing text in, flashing it in, text can enter from the top, side or bottom of the screen and can fade in and out. The options are so vast that you can have plenty of fun creating a stand-out presentation.

transition (1)


5.  Make your talk humorous. Well placed humour is essential to keep a room’s attention. Your audience will switch off if you talk straight the entire time so think hard when you are writing your speech about where and how some light hearted chat could come into play. We have some further tips in this post.


6.  Make your gestures clear and change them up depending on what you have to say. For example, if you have an area that needs focus, keep your hands at the front and apply gentle, serious hand gestures to show that this section is important. As soon as you come to a section that you want to create excitement for increase your movements across the stage, open your arms as you speak and jazz up your body language. Your audience will react accordingly to these changes and you will keep their focus.



7.  Share a story about yourself or one that has previously resonated with you. Inspiration can really hit home and touch your audience. When it is delivered correctly you will be remembered and possibly for years after. I always tell people of one trainer I once had in a workplace years ago. Every meeting he ran I would be excited about because I knew I would come away with a positive feeling and have something to focus on. I’m not sure if he realised what an impact he had on me but his parting words when he left the company to take on a very different new career venture were ″do one thing every day that scares you″ has remained with me ever since and I often tell myself this when I need to make difficult or unnerving decisions no matter how big or small they may seem. What may be scary to one person may seem nothing to somebody else but we all have our limits and if you can put a positive spin on it you could end up taking a leap which could lead you on a path to achieving so much more in your life.


8.  Create some conversation. Involve your audience and ask them questions to bring your talk to life. By engaging with the people who have taken the time to come and listen to you, you will be reinforcing the message you are sending and at the same time be building a rapport with potential new contacts/clients/customers.



9.  If you want to be super interactive why not divide your audience into groups to discuss key areas or questions or even provide quizzes for them to complete? By making the presentation fun you will be making yourself memorable. Think outside of the box and prepare for the best reaction and the longest lasting impression that you can achieve!


Being interactive will lead to you being memorable and this will lead to a positive result for your business.

How To Make Your Presentation More Interactive
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